Greene's Hamburgers - Burgers restaurant in Farmington Hills

      This five star isn't necessarily for the food or the service but the authenticity.

    We were in the Detroit area for a concert at freedom hill, and happened to drive past this little place straight out of the past, with a line at the pickup window.  So I had to stop and see what it was all about.

    We walked in, and took a seat at the counter, we were greeted by a fairly intimidating waitress demanding orders from the people in the building, no free seats or loitering in this place.  I ordered a burger and cheese fries and a coke, my companion, startled by the demanding waitress stumbled through her order and forgot half of it.  A few minutes later we got our food.  It was everything you'd ask for, great burger, weirdly amazing coke, and pretty good fries and onion rings.  A few minutes later we were done and left, allowing new people a place to sit before the waitress came back and had a chance to throw us out :p

    Check this place out if you're in the area, it's an experience, with pretty good food too.

    thumb Joshua S.

      Good Cheap burgers. They don't listen very well on taking your order though. make sure to check it b4 leaving.  Twice I ordered double stacks and I didn't get that.
    Ur not a 5 star -1 star for being ignorant.

    thumb Henry B.

      Triple Cheese Burger, don't bother with anything smaller.  Good greasy cheese burgers the way my grandma used to make them on the flattop.  I think the genius of this place is the simplicity.  Phenomenal after a night of drinking.

    thumb Seth S.

      Three stars only because the burgers were tasty, however, they were put together very sloppy and they were not busy at all, no excuse for this. The burger was hanging way off from the bun poorly assembled.  Fries were bad  like they had been sitting around a long time not fresh at all, onion rings were good.  Chocolate shake was yummy.

    thumb Mary O.

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