Greene's Hamburgers - Burgers restaurant in Farmington Hills

      I was visiting some friends I hadn't seen in over 15 years;
    completely forgot about dinner.  Driving back to my Airbnb
    a few minutes before midnight, I spot a sign on the side of
    a white building on the corner..."Hamburgers".  Intrigued,
    I stop and step out of my rent car into the 1950's.  I sit
    at the counter, see the menu sign pictured and then learn
    that they don't do breakfast at this time of day.  Noting
    the difference in price between the single, double and
    triple burgers I order a trip-cheese.
    While I'm waiting, a squad (not quite platoon strength)
    of dressed-up high school kids come in and order burgers
    and fries...this place is a local THING.
    The burger was quite tasty...hit my spot.  I saw the fries
    that the kids ordered and they didn't look special, but I
    can't say.
    Now that I've read some Yelp reviews, I might want to try
    their onion rings and breakfast.
    They are honest purveyors of what they claim to purvey.

    thumb Roscoe S.

      Been eating here for years, best burgers in town! Onion rings are always cooked perfectly!

    thumb Noah S.

      They're not open even though they are supposed to be 24/7.  No sign was posted so I dragged my ass out of my car for nothing

    thumb Christopher H.

      Don't overthink it guys. This is a classic hamburger stand. Celebrating 60 years in business basically with the same owner group. The menu may have 10 things on it but only two matter. The burgers, in single through triple with or without cheese. And the fries. Just order two double cheeseburgers with grilled onions and a side of fries and a beverage and step back into time. Enjoy the ride!

    thumb Mark W.

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