Greene's Hamburgers - Burgers restaurant in Farmington Hills

      In terms of sliders, this place is, indeed, The Pinnacle.  No, no one's better, in terms of their slider.  Not one.  Greene's is the top that I've ever had.

    It's definitely a throwback in terms of facilities.  One of the middle-of-last-century small, white hamburger stands that still exists and is doing what it was built to do.  It's clean, almost oddly so, and there's both eat-in and carry out options.  They make it work.

    The dine-in experience is what I usually go for, because I want my sliders *HOT*, man.  Extra pickles, extra onions, none of that ketchup or mustard crap...I want it *pure*, baby.  Yes, sometimes I'll get some crinkle-cut fries, just to have some fries...they're fine, especially when served *HOT*, but they're certainly not going to change your life.  Coke is Coke.

    Those burgers, though...those greasy, gut-punches of sliders that they are, well, they're the cat's pajamas.  Cheap, fast, great.  Yes, they're bad for you, and yes:  you've gotta die of something.  You might as well die happy!!!

    Forget Hunter House, forget Telway, forget all the rest of the garbage peddlers (though I haven't been to Mott's, so I'll still reserve judgment there...) and just go where you *should have* been going all along.  You'll forgive yourself soon enough.

    Your *arteries* might not, but hey:  you can't make an omelette without breakin' a few eggs!

    thumb Aron B.

      It's been years since I've stopped here late at night. A concert at Freedom Hill and the long ride home along with an early dinner combined to lead me back. Nothing has changed. Walk in the Carry Out area and order. My burgers with everything and fries were prepared and handed to me in a bag and I happily went back to my car. The smell of the beef and onions can't be beat. Despite my plan to wait to eat until I got home I started snacking on the fries before I got to Grand River. I finished the first cheeseburger at Farmington Rd. Crispy fatty beef and melted gooey American cheese melded with the grilled onions and pickles to satisfy my gut grenade craving.

    thumb Drew R.

      Got to say pretty good slider. Their secret is fresh meat and onions meet the flat top grill and then the miracle happens. These burgers don't sit on a bed of onions in the corner of the grill till someone buys them. Their fresh made each and every time. Never had the fries but the onion rings will hit the spot. Eating inside or just a carry out you will not be disappointed. Worth the trip!

    thumb D T.

      This five star isn't necessarily for the food or the service but the authenticity.

    We were in the Detroit area for a concert at freedom hill, and happened to drive past this little place straight out of the past, with a line at the pickup window.  So I had to stop and see what it was all about.

    We walked in, and took a seat at the counter, we were greeted by a fairly intimidating waitress demanding orders from the people in the building, no free seats or loitering in this place.  I ordered a burger and cheese fries and a coke, my companion, startled by the demanding waitress stumbled through her order and forgot half of it.  A few minutes later we got our food.  It was everything you'd ask for, great burger, weirdly amazing coke, and pretty good fries and onion rings.  A few minutes later we were done and left, allowing new people a place to sit before the waitress came back and had a chance to throw us out :p

    Check this place out if you're in the area, it's an experience, with pretty good food too.

    thumb Joshua S.

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