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      My Greene's experience was at 6 mile and Wyoming in Detroit near Mumford Highschool in 60's.  Always good and great place to go after school and hike home from out front.  Too bad I was punched out in front while hitching a ride.  Probably why they closed and moved to Farmington.  Too violent in Detroit.    I'll try the "new" location next time I visit the area.

    thumb Bob C.

      Best sliders anywhere, even better at 4am!!! This app kinda sucks for making you leave a longer review than you want to!

    thumb Michael G.

      Been eating here for years, best burgers in town! Onion rings are always cooked perfectly!

    thumb Noah S.

      In terms of sliders, this place is, indeed, The Pinnacle.  No, no one's better, in terms of their slider.  Not one.  Greene's is the top that I've ever had.

    It's definitely a throwback in terms of facilities.  One of the middle-of-last-century small, white hamburger stands that still exists and is doing what it was built to do.  It's clean, almost oddly so, and there's both eat-in and carry out options.  They make it work.

    The dine-in experience is what I usually go for, because I want my sliders *HOT*, man.  Extra pickles, extra onions, none of that ketchup or mustard crap...I want it *pure*, baby.  Yes, sometimes I'll get some crinkle-cut fries, just to have some fries...they're fine, especially when served *HOT*, but they're certainly not going to change your life.  Coke is Coke.

    Those burgers, though...those greasy, gut-punches of sliders that they are, well, they're the cat's pajamas.  Cheap, fast, great.  Yes, they're bad for you, and yes:  you've gotta die of something.  You might as well die happy!!!

    Forget Hunter House, forget Telway, forget all the rest of the garbage peddlers (though I haven't been to Mott's, so I'll still reserve judgment there...) and just go where you *should have* been going all along.  You'll forgive yourself soon enough.

    Your *arteries* might not, but hey:  you can't make an omelette without breakin' a few eggs!

    thumb Aron B.

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