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      Got to say pretty good slider. Their secret is fresh meat and onions meet the flat top grill and then the miracle happens. These burgers don't sit on a bed of onions in the corner of the grill till someone buys them. Their fresh made each and every time. Never had the fries but the onion rings will hit the spot. Eating inside or just a carry out you will not be disappointed. Worth the trip!

    thumb D T.

      As someone who loves a good burger, places like this are always on my list.  I have been meaning to try this place out for a while, but haven't been on this side of town for some time. I finally had the chance to stop in, and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Walking in, it's like the other "old school" burger joints that I have been too before. Small, intimate, with limited seating and menu items.  I kind of knew what to expect, but wasn't sure how it would hold up to other places I have been to in the past.

    I got two cheeseburgers with a Sprite.  The guy who waited on me was working the whole place pretty much by himself and seemed to do a good job.  My food came out quick, and I really loved the burgers!  I was secretly eyeing the guy's onion rings next to me but didn't feel like an entire plate so I passed.

    Overall, I really loved it here. It seemed to hit the spot, and I had a good time.  So why 4 stars instead of 5 you say?  Well, for starters, I saw a note on the door that you are allowed only two soft drinks (your original one and one refill.) while you dine here. I found that odd. Rationing fountain pop? Stupid.

    Second thing was, they are basically the same burgers that Telway serves, menu, presentation, size and all.  why would I drive all the way here when I have a Telway and a hunter house in Birmingham?  I wouldn't and that's the problem.  I think it's a great place to dine, but there's no way I'm doubling my commute to go to this specific location.

    Overall, I really liked it here, and when I'm on this side of town, I will gladly return to dine here.

    thumb Amy B.

      Soild spot to hit up right after a night out. You do run into some interesting individual at night there. Can smell it from the intersection :)

    thumb Bilal I.

      Your typical Detroit style slider place with an old 50s diner feels. Greasy ham or cheese burgers with grilled onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard.... like heaven the day after you've had too many! I highly suggest you try the onion rings, they're honestly some of the best I've had! Overall, it's good food for a good price.

    thumb Jessica H.

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