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      They're not open even though they are supposed to be 24/7.  No sign was posted so I dragged my ass out of my car for nothing

    thumb Christopher H.

      Love this place, it's open 24/7 which is a huge plus for me when i want food late at night it's so much tastier than mcdonald's. staff is always pretty kind and doesn't mess up orders. I'm not a huge fan of the chili but i love the burgers. Bathrooms and diners are clean. Burgers aren't that greasy and at a fair price. Overall a good place and have eaten here multiple times

    thumb Stephen L.

      Might need to be a Farmington resident to get why anybody loves this place so much? Tried it 20 years ago and didn't remember...was in the area and gave it another try. Unfortunately it's the last, nothing overtly offensive, just not very good, kinda grungy well. Cheeseburgers were slider standard. Fries were dried out and unappealing. Server was super kind and attentive and the tip reflected it. It's cheap, greasy and might be a "have to" for some. Me? I'll take Bates Burger's over it any day.

    thumb M P.

      Three stars only because the burgers were tasty, however, they were put together very sloppy and they were not busy at all, no excuse for this. The burger was hanging way off from the bun poorly assembled.  Fries were bad  like they had been sitting around a long time not fresh at all, onion rings were good.  Chocolate shake was yummy.

    thumb Mary O.

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