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      Just had to vent!  Stopped in after work for a bite, and had my usual fries and a burger .   Thought I would be nice and bought the mother and daughter sitting next to me their meals all in 24.00.  I gave the waitress 40.00 and told her keep the change.  She acted is if I gave a couple of bucks.  She at least did say thanks!  The mother couldn't even bring herself to say thanks but instead scurried of to the bathroom.  The daughter simply responded "guess I'm supposed to pay it forward". I just responded and said have a nice day!  Any way like I said just had to vent!

    thumb Edd S.

      Absolutely disgusting. What did I even eat. That wasn't even a burger. I wouldn't feed that crap to my dog.

    thumb Jenine M.

      They're not open even though they are supposed to be 24/7.  No sign was posted so I dragged my ass out of my car for nothing

    thumb Christopher H.

      I dream about greens I can't wait to get to the Farmington area it's the first place I go when I leave Metro and the last place I go before I hit by plane back to Florida with a bag full of Burgers and Fries and everybody wants to be my friend! I wish they sent long distance nothing in the world better after a night at the bar or getting high I can smell those burgers on the grill and it makes my mouth water I've been friends with the food at Greene's for 55 years and I know they'll never let me down!
    Anyone coming to Southwest Florida wants to bring me a few dozen I'll pay well!  Deb

    thumb Deborah A.

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